Jinx 3 Game

Jinx 3: Escape from Area 52 –Point-and-click escapology with excellent eccentricity

Unfortunate Occurrences at Area 52

Things just never seem to go right for the Jinx gang: fresh from their casual foray into another dimension, they re-materialise successfully in what they believe to be the safety of the standard, everyday, earthly dimension, only to rapidly discover that they have done so hundreds of feet above the Nevada Desert. Though we’ve all been unlucky enough to be in this situation at one stage or another in our lives, the gang are in particular peril since the alien they have with them attracts the attention of the military personnel and leads them to be captured. I think the more concerning thing here is that the sudden and unexplained appearance of a man in a ghostly Halloween costume, the a sign that points towards ‘evil Santa’, and a scientist of the stereotypically ‘mad’ variety didn’t even raise any eyebrows in the famously paranoid and unreasonable circles of the US military. It may sound a little crazy by this dimension’s standards, but this is all customary procedure in the point-and-click adventure of the Jinx saga, so ensure that your mind is widened and your mouse at the ready: your hunger for flash-based fun is about to be satisfied.  

It Starts With a Banana

In terms of its format, Jinx 3 is your standard point-and-click adventure. The goal is to escape the compound, but in order to do so you must escape from your cell and gather your captive friends first. The interface is extremely simple since all you need to do is use your mouse to click around the room to interact with your surroundings. Using a banana to flood the toilet in your holding cell to allow you to communicate with your neighbouring captor in order facilitate an escape plan is just the start of the whole thing, so expect to use all of your logic and cunning as you progress deeper into the game. It doesn’t sound all that difficult, but finding objects and useful items and using them correctly is where the challenge is; collected items appear in your inventory at the bottom of the screen where they can be used at will. Finding the right combination of actions and items is the key to your success here, but don’t be fooled: it’s not going to be as easy as it sounds.

Not the Usual Procedure

Jinx 3 doesn’t make things simple by allowing the cursor to change appearance when you hover over crucial objects; you must decide yourself which items are useful and essential for allowing you to further your escape plans. The game also allows you to assume control of several characters once you meet with them by simply clicking on their icon in the corner of the screen, a relatively rare quality in this genre of game. Even rarer, though, is finding a game of this genre that has the level of style and light-hearted narration that this one does; jokes litter the well-illustrated and quirkily- animated gameplay and remind you that just because using your mouse is easy, it doesn’t mean that game as whole is going to be undemanding of your efforts and appreciation.  

The Genre Will Never Be the Same

The simplicity of the point and click genre both allows and requires developers to be inventive with the game’s content. The requirement of inventiveness is actually more of an obligation created by the expectation of the player because when a game’s interface is that simple, the player is going to inevitably doubt the game’s worth as a piece of entertainment, thus requiring the developer to innovate a little to produce a unique and memorable scenario that makes the player feel silly for ever doubting its worth in the first place. The genre allows the developer the room for inventiveness and innovation in the sense that there aren’t any of the usual limitations that plague a game such as  control-key assignments, movement and behaviour of a character, game physics, and generally all of the arduous development work that goes into creating a dynamic RPG or platform-like game; concentration can then be focused on an engaging storyline, some likeable characters and some surprisingly tricky puzzles that challenge and surprise the player: such is the case with Jinx 3.